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Goal of Orthodontics

The basic goal of orthodontics is to either move the teeth or change the basic shape of the jaw. This is done by attaching various appliances to the teeth. For example, the simplest treatment involves placing braces or bracket to the teeth and fastening the metal or ceramic parts together with a wire known as an arch wire.

Seriously protrusive or overcrowded back teeth can be moved by the use of an appliance called a facebow. The facebow is made up of multiple metal parts that hold the teeth and cause them to grow into positions that allow the natural development of the upper molars.

When the molars on the lower jaw are improperly aligned, the orthodontist uses a lip bumper to put pressure on the teeth. This causes them to grow into a position that makes room for the surrounding teeth.

The first task an orthodontist must do in attaching braces to a patient's teeth is to gently etch the teeth using a weak acid. This makes a roughened surface that will take the next step called bonding. Bonding is the attachment of brackets with the use of a special glue. The brackets are then braced together with pressure being applied in the direction the specialist has planned for the particular treatment needed.

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